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Business Visa

A business visa is granted for those who are visiting Spain for business

Processing Time

Please note as per the instructions received from Embassy of Spain minimum processing time is 15 working days (It may delay depending on case to case). Therefore applicants are kindly requested to submit visa application well in advance. Otherwise the Embassy does not guarantee that the visa will be issued in time.


  • Except territorial-limited visas, Schengen visas are valid for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Polonia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Liechtenstein.
  • Visa applications are to be lodged personally.
  • The Member State competent for examining and deciding upon a uniform visa application shall be: (a) the Member State whose territory constitutes the sole destination of the visit(s); (b) if traveling to more than one Member State, then the Member State intended as the main destination, that is, the one where the main purpose of the intended stay is to be carried out. If the main purpose can not be established then the Member State in which territory the applicant intends to stay the longest; c) when no main destination can be established according to these rules, the Member State whose border the applicant intends to cross first.
  • Visa applications must be submitted within 3 months prior to the intended journey, except for holders of a multi-entry visa with a minimum validity of 6 months, who can do it at any time before its expiration. In all cases applications are to be submitted at least 15 days in advance of the intended journey.
  • Applications will not be admitted to processing in the following cases:
    • Failure to comply with the 3-month term
    • Application form different from the official one of the Embassy of Spain,
    • Passport or travel document not valid at least up to 3 months after your departure.
    • Photograph which does not meet established conditions.
    • Non-payment of visa fee –except for cases of exemption.
  • Visa fee (except for cases of exemption) must be paid once application has been admitted to processing. It will only be reimbursed if the application is later considered not admittable or when the Embassy is not competent for processing your application.
  • Applicants have the RIGHT TO SUBMIT ANY OTHER DOCUMENT that you consider relevant in support of your application.The Embassy may request the submission of any other additional document deemed necessary or your presence for a personal interview.
  • Visa dossiers must include original documents –which will be returned to the visa applicants once the procedure is finished - and a good-quality copy of each document.The documents must be presented in order, following the document checklist for each kind of visa. If it is impossible to include original documents in the dossier, these can be replaced by their certified true copies, duly legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam. As an exception, documents directly addressed to the Embassy or its officers will not be returned, so copies are not required –eg: letters of recommendation or in support of the application when addressed to the Embassy rather than to the applicant, etc. Should you fail to submit a copy of any of the originals you will be deemed relinquishing your right to be returned its original to the Embassy. Documents in languages other than Spanish or English need to be translated into either Spanish or English. Groups of applicants applying together must submit one copy of every shared document per application.

Dear Applicants, please view the revised visa fee and service charges applicable:

Visa Category Visa Fees in Vietnam Dong (VND)
Business 2.048.000 VND
children 6-12 years minus one day 1.024.000 VND

The above mentioned Visa Fees are to be paid only in cash.

Note: Exemption of Visa Fee for a child is applicable only in the case of Short Term category, if the child's age is less than 6 years at the date of submission.

The Visa Fee is subject to change without notice'

BLS International Service charge
There is a service charge of VND 395.000 (inclusive of VAT) applicable per application over and above the Visa Fees for all applications.

Please Note:

  • The applicable Visa Fee in Vietnamese dong is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice
  • The fee is non-refundable


A business visa is granted for those who are visiting Spain for business

Maximum of 90 days per semester (90 days in 6 months)

A visa enables aliens, subject to visa requirements, to present themselves at the external border of the country which issued the visa or that of another Schengen country and request, depending on the type of visa, to be allowed to enter the country. Mere possession of a visa does not entitle automatic right of entry. The holders of visa are requested to present proof that they fulfill the entry conditions, as provided for in Art.5 of the Schengen Borders Code.

Documents required:

  • Visa application form. Kindly fill out every gap in BLOCK LETTERS. DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN IT.
  • A recent passport-size white-backgrounded full-face colour PICTURE, with your full name written on its back. You can stick it –KINDLY DO NOT STAPLE- to the form.
  • Applicant’s passport, valid at least up to 3 months after your departure from the Schengen area or, in case of multi-entry visa, after the last scheduled departure. It must contain at least 2 blank pages and have been issued within the last 10 years. An A4 photocopy of all the passport’s pages containing information (visas, stamps, etc.) must be provided.
  • ONLY FOR FOREIGN RESIDENTS IN VIETNAM: resident permit –or equivalent document.
  • Applicant’s CV form provided by the Embassy.
  • For applicants other than company owners or major shareholders: letter of appointment to the meeting or event specifying their particulars and role in the company.
  • Documents proving the purpose of the intended journey:
    • For applicants invited by a company or public service:
      • Letter of invitation specifying both the host’s and the applicant’s professional activities, type of relationship between them, applicant’s particulars, length of stay, intended dates, work agenda and other details of the intended stay.
      • Documents proving commercial relationships (if any), such as: contracts, invoices, bills of lading, letters of commercial orders, etc.
    • For applicants attending fairs, conferences, commercial or professional meetings or any other event connected with their profession or commercial activities: invitation or ticket issued by the management board of the event along with the respective schedule.
  • Documents proving sufficiency of financial means for applicant’s support during his/her stay. A minimum of 569.97 euros, per person must be credited for the first 9 days, plus another 63.33 euros for each additional day of stay. In the case that the stay should be at the company or organization host’s expense, its letter of invitation must clearly specify this circumstance, otherwise it will be understood that it is at the applicant’s expense.
  • Documents proving social and economic roots in Vietnam:
    • Proof of real estate ownership (if any)
    • Saving book (original + simple photocopy), if any
    • Additionally:
      • For self-employers and company’s propietors: articles of association of his/her private company and/or proof of his/hers shareholding
      • For employees:
        • Contract of employment
        • Detailed pay-slips of the last 3 months
        • Applicant’s bank statements of the salary account of the last 3 months (internet-printed bank statements are not accepted).
  • Return flight certified BOOKING –NO TICKET.
  • Travel insurance: The insurance must meet the following requirements: minimum coverage of 30.000 €, valid for all Schengen Member States, coverage period matching the full stay within the Schengen area, that is from the date of entry into any of those states to that of departure for a third state out of the Schengen area, both included. Eg: departure from Vietnam on 11-10-10 arriving in Frankfurt next day, return flight Frankfurt-Bangkok-Hanoi on 20-10-10: insurance must be valid from 12-10-10 to 20-10-10. Those applying for a multi-entry visa must submit an insurance policy valid for the first journey only. The insurance must cover expenses for repatriation due to medical emergency and death, emergency medical assistance and hospitalization during the stay or stays within the Schengen area.
  • Those who are to stay in hotels or any other public lodging must submit written confirmation for each and every booking –invoices pre-payment certifications or confirmed bookings.

Note: We regret we cannot accept photographs that do not meet these requirements

Please provide one recent photograph (not more than 6 months old) of yourself, which should not have been used previously in the passport. The photograph should be in colour and:

  • Taken against a light background (white or off-white) so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
  • Clear share quality and with the face in focus.
  • Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print).
  • Full face, non-smiling [without sunglasses, a hat/cap or other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background]
  • Please stick the Photograph on the Visa Application Form.

Note: Please follow these instructions carefully. If photographs presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete. A photo booth meeting these requirements is available at the centre..

Visa applications take up to 15 days to process.

Some applications may require further processing, which could take from 30-60 days.

Please note that all applications are processed individually. The Visa Officer may invite you for an interview or request further documentation or information, which can prolong the processing time.


CV Form for Single

CV Form for Group

Visa Application Form (Spanish and English)

To download the Forms:

Click on the form link;

When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.

Select Save Target As from the list

Save the form on your computer.

Please Note:

The forms are in PDF format.

You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download this form.