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Apply for VISA to Spain In Vietnam

Visa Type

Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the information on the visa categories by reading the Visa types in the link above. Read all relevant information to that category which includes its Visa Fees, BLS International Service Charges, Documents Required, Photo Specifications and Processing Time along with the Visa Application Form within that category.

Applicants should read all instructions carefully and then fill in the Visa Application Form. Applicants can also get the visa application form by visiting the Spain Visa Application Centre or by downloading the forms.

Once all requirements corresponding to the visa categories under which they wish to lodge their application are fulfilled, you are ready to apply for your visa to Spain.

Please note - BLS International employees can provide you with information and application forms for your application, but they are not able to provide you with advice regarding which visa you should apply for.

Know your Visa Type